About FC  

First things first. The name - Free Collaboration... What's that all about?

Free - as in no money, anti-capitalist, firebombing Starbucks?
Heaven forbid. I can't do without my daily grande drip-filtered brew.
Free as in free beer?
Well, I'm never one to pass up a free beer. But no.

This is free as in open lines of communication, free as in freedom to work together, to build networks and build value together - between individuals, businesses and government. Over the last decade I have been lucky to work with a lot of talented people to build some of the software plumbing for this collaboration (we'll come to this word next). And there is a lot more to do.

This is not about open source software. The open source community is contributing massively to the march of progress and I am a big believer in and a big consumer of open source. I am also a director at a business which sells closed source software. Have to be able to afford the Starbucks!

There is an interesting background at Wikipedia on what 'free' can mean.

Collaboration - now this is a particularly loaded word.
What does it mean? Does it mean groupware? Does it mean workflow? How about document management, extranets, calendaring, electronic whiteboards, supply chain integration? Or maybe it just means working with the enemy?

I think it means all of these things and more.
For me, collaboration is plain and simply people working together toward a common goal. Collaborative software is just a toolkit to enable this working. Wikipedia (a free and collaborative piece of software itself), has background on the concepts of collaboration and the collaborative software toolkit which makes wonderful reading.

This website is about how collaboration is furthered via software and how this changes business and everyday life. It is about about trying to make this happen in the business world. It is a blog and, I hope, a participant in the value creation in which we are all engaged.

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