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Free Collaboration - How do ya do?

I am starting a blog again. I have had a history since 1994 of bursts of blog effort in between much longer bursts of blog inactivity. In the last two years I laboured under the creeping suspicion that perhaps an officer of a public company was not meant to have a blog. But, I have been inspired by high-profile presences on the blog scene such as Jonathan Schwartz, the COO at Sun. Even Bill Gates is supposedly considering making an appearance. There is always the outside possibility that this is actually him. Voila. A clear precedent. I am missing out on the conversation while I am holding back and not contributing so here goes nothing. No-one ever won a game on the sideline.

I plan to write about what I do and what I know (first tip they say) - and that is software development. The software I have spent most time building is collaboration software and software for integrating systems between companies in a supply-chain - all internet-based. Expect to hear a lot about the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry in particular as this is where I have spent a lot of time and focus in my career.

What this blog will not contain is any forward looking statements about Asite Plc - for all insight into our business performance, please refer to our regularly scheduled filings at the LSE.

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