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NCCTP - Making Collaboration Pay

We (Asite, that is) belong to an industry group called NCCTP, which stands for Network for Construction Collaboration Technology Providers - a bit of an unwieldy appellation but without a doubt a worthy cause. The modus operandi of the NCCTP is twofold. Firstly, on the techical level, to agree and implement a standard for interoperability between project collaboration systems, focusing initially on basic project and document/drawing information. The commercial argument for software providers for removing the barrier to entry of lock-in is old and well understood. In my view of the world interoperability is clearly a win-win for providers as well as the customer base. The second focus for the group is to promote the use of collaboration technologies in a wider way within the construction industry and to help build the market.

To this second end the NCCTP has organised a conference which takes place next week on November 15, called Making Collaboration Pay, to be held in Portman Square in London. I will be there in the morning along with my colleagues and the rest of the NCCTP. Should be a very interesting day. If you are in London and interested in these subjects then I encourage you to register.

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