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Back in the saddle

I have just returned from a week of "holiday" - if you can call moving house a holiday - and a trip to India the week before. I see that in my absence this blog has been noticed and that further to that Paul Wilkinson from BIW has gone on to make a few observations about Asite. Paul, you may be interested in a story about Justin King, the CEO of Sainsburys, which I believe used to be a BIW client. Mr. King makes it a practice to spend every Friday visiting local stores around the country and speaking to employees and customers about problems at ground level. I would have thought that answering phones which come in on a hunt group and speaking to customers directly is a more than appropriate activity for a growing software company working to deliver value to its clients. We are a startup software provider after all, not a bulky law firm or a bank in the city!

On another note, I recently purchased Paul's new book, Construction Collaboration Technologies - The Extranet Evolution, from Amazon, and have started in on reading it. Congratulations and very well done to Paul on the publication and I shall report back with an FC review once I have finished!

Great to be back!

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Nathan, Sainsbury's not only used to be a BIW client, it continues to be a very valued BIW client - with BIW Information Channel having been employed on over 600 Sainsbury's projects.

Paul, in that case I stand duly corrected. Good to hear it from the horse's mouth!

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