FC Buzzsaw must be really making strides  

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Buzzsaw must be really making strides

Like Paul Wilkinson from BIW, I also received the RSS feed in Newsgator today with coverage of the "Virtual Builders Roundtable", an event in the US. It sounds like an interesting event, perhaps along the lines of the European CIO Workshop which I attended last month.

The event I attended was notable for the fair bit of US industry representation which made the trip over to participate in conversations with the UK and European players. I often worry that there ia a silo situation between solutions development in the UK/Europe and the US. I do have some direct experience here, having previously worked for Citadon, a U.S. collaboration company which came to Europe 5 years ago but is no longer truly active in the space (granted they do maintain one or two footholds such as at EC Harris).

Only in a very few truly globalised industries such as oil and gas or aerospace does there seem to me to be any real large-scale collaboration between industry in the US and the EU on solutions development. Notably, Citadon has since found its own success by moving away from the AEC industry and focusing instead on global EPC solutions delivery, including in particular Oil and Gas.

Even the standards bodies are often different and pointing in different directions. What are the common agenda items for Fiatech and the IAI ? I would love to hear from you if you can talk about the industry representation from the EU at this event and if so - what did you make of it?

And finally, I must concur with Paul W in expressing my astonishment at the claim by Buzzsaw to be the "second most widely-used ASP product after Salesforce.com"...

Erm, without even going into the vast number of other players active in the project collaboration space along with Buzzsaw (who do not have a significant presence in the EU) - how about the huge number of users worldwide on e-procurement systems like Ariba or Commerce One or Oracle? how about the endless number of e-government applications which are used by citizens of countries around the world to pay traffic tickets or apply for fishing licenses? how about Webex? PayPal? Ebay? I would also seriously doubt that salesforce.com had any valid claim on top spot for ASP usage - though admittedly I am less intimate with the CRM space than I am with the engineering space.

This claim has a lot of chutzpah certainly! :) Recently I was speaking with a Buzzsaw employee who told me another one - that Autodesk is the second oldest software company in existence after Microsoft. I belive he was let in on this tidbit in his interview. I can imagine a lot of industry veterans might get somewhat hot and bothered about that (and about the implication that MS is the oldest as well!)

Ah well - hear hear for American marketing! I suppose if they say it loudly and widely and say it enough times then perhaps it will come true of its own accord?

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