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Glide Effortless

I just read an interesting review by Robin Good, on his blog of Online Collaboration Reviews about a new web-based collaboration tool called Glide Effortless. Robin was not too keen on the hype-to-functionality ratio of the tool, (meaning there was certainly a lot of hype compared to the resultant functionality) although he does rate it quite highly on interface goodies.

I don't know whether this is correct or not, as I have heard of neither the tool nor the company, Transmedia Corp., before today. Based on reading the review and scanning the Transmedia website I think the tool is meant to be targeted at consumers rather than at the business user, with a big focus on graphics, video, and music file sharing. It does not appear to be truly collaborative in the sense that I normally use the term - rather it is more based around personal publishing. The website talks of "multimedia blogging". Of course there is a lot of potential for overlap in these spaces as more and more content is shared via the web. I look forward to taking it for a bit of a spin. I'd be happy to hear about other's experiences with this tool.

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I think that Pete Cashmore from Mashable is right when he perceives that Glide is trying to do too much at once (http://www.mashable.com/2005/12/01/glide-effortless-desktop-sharing/).

Mashable (http://www.mashable.com) is by the way a great way to keep up to date on all the newest Web 2.0 sites/services and acquisitions.

I have been using Glide for a few weeks and just discovered Glide's Liveshare feature. It allows you to video, audio and text chat while sharing pictures, music, videos and documents. I have just been using the text chat feature so far and it is very cool. It's like instant messaging on steroids. Who ever is involved in the chat instantly sees the media you drag to the screen. It is pretty wicked.

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