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More "Free" Collaboration (at least free for now)

Check out this new site called Writely. It allows you to do what is essentially browser-based word processing, using only in built browser functionality (supports IE and Firefox). No applets or activex required and it also supports real-time collaboration - a very open approach to collaboration in a Wiki style which works very well indeed. All based around AJAX technologies for the update and refresh functionality - in the same way that the latest version of the Asite software which we have been working on uses AJAX for the presentation - taking advantage of asynchronous update and refresh capabilities.. I collaborated on a test document with a couple of colleagues and published it here!

Since I mentioned the AJAX-in-collaboration developments which we have had in the pipeline in the last 6 months - I feel bound to link back to Paul Wilkinson's December 2 post on the topic.

No trumpet here! :)

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