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Open Source ESB

I have just come across ServiceMix, thanks to a trackback from James McGovern's Enterprise Architecture blog in response to my earlier post about the ESB and ISB (Industry Service Bus) concepts.

So, an open source ESB development effort. No surprise there. So that gives you the plumbing of application integration / supply chain integration in an open source java-based package. Hell, combine that with Alfresco for the portal and document management functionality, JBoss jBPM for customisable workflow definitions, running on top of JBoss application server, JBoss portal, Apache, and Linux -- and you've got all of the technology bar the database for a fully functional enterprise application and content hub or for a fully functional industry hub handling collaborative working and supply chain integration.

The open source community continues to develop your core technology stack for you and you focus on maintaining your configuration and delivering services on top of the technology.

All you still need to invest in software-license-wise in this open source panacea is Oracle at the database - unless you think PostgreSQL is up to the job... I may get flamed by some Postgres fans for this but personally I would stick with Oracle for now...

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Actually I would use Liferay as the Portal and keep Alfresco as the CMS system. Liferay has JBoss Portal beat by miles. As far as databases are concerned, I agree with not using Postgres but would choose MS SQL Server over Oracle any day...

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