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Collabits - more Free Collaboration

Hello again...

I am back in London, post-holiday mode getting back into work and home. In my inbox this morning there is an email from Dustin Evenson at collabits.com. They offer a mixture of free and paid (depending on number of connections, storage space requirements, and ASP-model or installed model) collaboration. This is "real-time" meeting-based collaboration in the WebEx / MSN Messenger mode, with session recording and playback. The basic free version seems to offer one-to-one connectivity without any document storage. This would be competitve with Glance, Webex, or MSN Messenger in the ASP space or VNC in the more "traditional" enterprise space.

They also have licensing models for more extensive collaborations with multiple users and the option to persist documents to their servers, which puts them into a lightweight document collaboration space, without any process management capability and with the requirement for a sharing user to have all applications on their local machines (ie it does not appear to have any capability for server-side document publishing a la Informative Graphics, eReview, or Cimmetry) - all of which come out of the CAD document visualisation space.

The technology on the client is applet-based, works with the Sun VM, and installed fairly easily on my machine (of course I already have the VM..). The offering is primarily interesting due to the free entry-level price structure and to the relatively low price-point of the multi-user and persistence-based options.

The commoditisation of collaboration and project extranets proceeds apace!

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