FC JSR 231 - Java Bindings for OpenGL  

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JSR 231 - Java Bindings for OpenGL

In yesterday's post about Acrobat 3D and IFC development I mentioned OpenGL. Lo and behold - only this Monday the final results of the public balloting for JSR (Java Specification Request) 231 for Java Bindings for OpenGL became available.

It passed! So the tools would seem to be in place (assuming one would use Java for the implementation, that is).

It is interesting to see the list of participants and their comments in the Java Community Process(SM). All the major industry players bar Microsoft are involved as well as one who seems to be an indivdual, Hani Suleiman... Who is that guy?

As per Google - it would seem that he is, variously -

The author of this blog.
The CTO of Formicary. (scroll to the bottom - about the author)
And the subject of various heated threads on TheServerside.com... (including a post calling him the "Paris Hilton of the Java Community")

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