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Win32 in the browser

Check out the sample function calls (with implementations) on this site, Bindows - "The leading object-oriented platform for developing AJAX applications". If you've ever done any Windows interface programming you will find them familiar. These are designed to produce zero-footprint rich interfaces...

While I am pointing to AJAX frameworks I would be remiss not to point to General Interface, which as far as I am aware was the first serious entrant to this space back in 2003-04 (acquired by Tibco in late 2004) - which impressed me greatly back then and from what I hear has advanced greatly since...

Of course there is always the roll-your-own approach to AJAX such as we have done at Asite using the DWR framework for making J2EE function calls via javascript - giving you the ability to bolt-on asynchronous messaging capability to your existing enterprise web applications. Where these commercial packages excel is in the client-server-style interface capabilities they enable.

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