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U.S. Law Firm starts construction industry blog

Through the magic of technorati (and because they posted about the Constructware acquisition) - I've just come across a new construction industry blog run by U.S. law firm Womble Carlyle.

"Following the construction industry and related legal topics in the United States." This is the first time I have come across a law firm which keeps a blog - and about the construction industry at that! Surely this is a sign that weblogs as a corporate communications medium have become solidly established.

This is their analysis -- "Project collaboration continues to grow in importance. Autodesk's purchase of Constructware should provide new opportunities for growth in the use of project collaboration."

Whether or not the Buzzsaw / Constructware marriage is going to provide any additional spur to take up of collaboration technologies I am not sure.. However I certainly agree that the sector is seeing a lot of growth and that there are clear opportunities for the growth to continue. There is still a significant percentage of the construction and engineering industries yet to take up collaborative working and the technologies which enable it.

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