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March 22, 2006

IFC Update

Following on to my earlier post about IFC in February -- I have had replies back from a number of interested parties offering much more information. Namely Jeff Wix and Thomas Liebich from AEC3 Ltd here in the UK and in Germany as well as Professor Rasso Steinmann from Steinmann Consult in Germany.

Prof. Steinmann has sent me a link to the new website for the Implementers Support Group of the International Alliance for Interoperability -- this website is based on the IAI's new 'Building Smart' branding -- which can also be seen at the website for the Australia/NZ chapter. On this Implementers Support group site there is a section for IFC Compliant Software - for which there is a database of organisations and toolsets which have attained compliance with the standard. The database is currently in testing and so -- murphy-willing -- we should see it online soon. For this I and the rest of the interop community will be greatly in Rasso's debt!

From Jeff and Thomas I have learned that Tekla Structures do indeed have an IFC interface - for which they are engaged along with a group of other structural software developers via the IAI. Regarding the Revit to ETABS link -- after some confusion between CSI (Computers and Structures, Inc. - the company developing ETABS) and CIS (an EDI - electronic data interchange - standard for the steel industry sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction) -- the consensus seems to be that there is a proprietary link between ETABS and Revit - but that ETABS separately may have published an IFC interface - for which confirmation would be welcome from any quarter.

Everybody involved in the building industry could do with clarity on where we will be able to move the data we create in any CAD system and I believe that through working with the IAI and the vendors we will be able to get to a point soon where not not being open and compliant just no longer makes business sense.

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March 9, 2006

Writely Acquired by Google

I linked to a site called Writely in this blog on December 13. Today I saw the news that Writely has been acquired by Google.

Part of a strategy to offer office productivity solutions in the browser and compete with the Windows/MS Office hegemony? The browser is the platform indeed....

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