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I spent the day yesterday at a Constructing Excellence (in the Built Environment) event held in Madejski Stadium in Reading - home to the newly promoted to the Premiership - Reading Royals.

The day was focused on collaborative working and supply chain integration and, like most CE events I have attended, was well-organised to include the right mix of presentation and interactive discussion sessions so that people were engaged more or less throughout - rather than the death by powerpoint show style which you find at far too many industry events. There was also a good mix of clients, contractors, architects, and specialists suppliers in the group. I thought the conversations were open and constructive even when people disagreed - focusing on practical experience and finding solutions as opposed to theory (in most cases). I think this reflects the ever-increasing appreciation within the industry of the importance of collaborative supply chains, a growing realisation that the impact of this way of working on our businesses must be understood before diving in and that strategic technology choices must be made in order to enable collaboration and to remain competitive.

There were a couple of other software developers at the event from the NCCTP (with which Asite is involved via the project management part of our business). There was George Stevenson from BIW and Duncan Mactear and Richard Vertigan from 4Projects, so there was a smattering of representation from solutions vendors in the room both to learn from what the user community is saying today and to provide some real-world perspective on collaboration implementations to those who are new to the game or looking to move to the next level.

All in all an interesting day. For those UK industry readers who are not aware of CE - I would encourage you to check it out and get involved at some level. As an organisation it is doing a fine job of pulling together a lot of previously disparate research initiatives / think tanks / industry advocacy groups into one coherent body that may just be capable of making a difference to the industry overall at a real level.

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Nathan, did the CE event discuss the Avanti project, and, if so, what's happening?

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