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Foldera (2) - Revenue Streams

Got another piece of news about a new non-exec director at Foldera and saw this bit in the press release about the revenue model: "Foldera expects to generate revenues from the sale of premium services such as extra data storage and from embedded search and contextual advertising." Fair play. On doing a bit more reading about the application I now think it is essentially a web-based calendaring and correspondence management system with task creation - so basically Microsoft Outlook on the web (webmail) with special sauce... This was the basis for initial product development in the 1997-98 era in project collaboration systems for the management of building and engineering projects - and the exchange of engineering data. In this sector we have built workflow modeling capabilities and true supply chain integration toolsets on top of that inital foundation over the past decade.

It is interesting to see the same things that were being delivered all that time ago being re-hyped now as a new concept. Still - this is different. It does not appear to be a vertical play at all - instead aiming for consumer take-up of the basic functionality to push the concept up into the enterprise? I guess that as part of their premium services they would have a licensing model which allows companies to contract with Foldera on a project or enterprise basis. I don't know of any companies, projects, or joint ventures which like to trust their project data to a non-contracted entity.

More questions than answers. Let's see what it looks like once I get access to the beta.

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This company (foldera) sounds fishy...read the thread at CDRUM.


I don't think I would call Foldera fishy. Let's wait and see what the technology can do. Releasing a free ASP product which has been blogsphere-hyped, to the entire web - clearly would require some management on the uptake rate by users. So delays in issuing out beta credentials to applicants is understandable - if not ideal.

I have pitched in to the above thread as well....


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