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Hub Alliance

The website for the Hub Alliance has been launched at www.huballiance.org. The Hub Alliance is a partnership between Asite, Causeway, and Burns - formed around an agreement that customers of any one of our hubs should be able to trade electronically with the customers of any of the partner hubs with no additional fee.

The clearest analogy I can think of to explain this is the agreements and integration in place to allow phone calls between rival mobile telephone networks. ie my T-Mobile phone can make a call to my mate's phone on O2 or Orange without me having to pay O2 or Orange. I only need to pay my regular monthly fee to T-Mobile.

I believe this is an important step forward for the eProcurement space in the UK and removes a significant barrier to adoption and the overall growth of the market. The Alliance was agreed last summer and the technical integration achieved by the end of 2005 and today there are customers trading between all three of the hubs.

I don't know the comparative numbers for the partners but to give some idea of the current volume of trading - within the Asite hub in May of this year there were just over 497,000 live business transactions (order/invoice) processed - each representing spend and delivery of real goods on UK projects.

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