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Web 2.0 and Construction Industry Analogy

Came across this article in Monday's Bangladesh Daily Star. It is an exposition about the concepts of the collaborative web which underpin what some people have started to call "Web 2.0" - and a call to arms to the Bangladeshi IT market to grab the opportunity presented by these developments for both economic gain and for potentially driving social change. I think these are admirable goals and I wish the author the best of luck. The article is written by the CTO of a Bangladeshi company called DataSoft Systems - named Ihtisham Kabir - who spent about 20 years as an engineer at Sun Microsystems in the US before moving to Bangladesh...

I came across the article because of an analogy Ihtisham used comparing the technical building blocks of Web 2.0 to the practice of prefab in construction and to the product we all know and love called ready-mix concrete.

"An analogy from the world of building construction perhaps clarifies the distinction. Web 1.0 was like building houses from cement, sand, crushed bricks and aluminium. You had to mix cement, bricks and sand together to make concrete, then use concrete to make the house. With newer Web 2.0 technologies you effectively have concrete, prefabricated walls, corrugated iron sheets, etc to build houses. So you can make more interesting and elaborate houses than before.

Many Web 2.0 building blocks are available as open-source software products. These products are, for the most part, free to use. Further, the source code (ie, the engineering blueprint) is usually available for developers to modify as needed. Since there is a huge variety of open source software (for example, SourceForge, a repository of open source software, has over 115000 projects), the programmer can mix and match the right tools and build a program very quickly (and cheaply.)

So, continuing our construction analogy, Web 2.0 programmers not only have ready-made concrete, but it is free ready-made concrete!"

This resonates with me quite simply because of the number of times that I have used analogies from the world of building projects to explain concepts in software engineering (and vice versa) -- building software for construction and explaining construction to software developers!

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Dear sir, I don't understand. Can I have a car analogy please? Thank you dearly sirs.

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