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May 28, 2008

Build London Live - Update

We now have a number of sponsors on board and two teams officially formed. We are just receiving details of a third team forming which is comprised entirely of US-based architects. That means so far we have a Finnish consortium versus American Architects versus a pan-Northern-European group which are taking up the design live gauntlet!

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May 18, 2008

Build London Live - Updates

The BIMStorm Build London Live event has its first sponsor and has formed its first official team.

Synchro has donated a fancy new Alienware laptop to the prize fund - guaranteed to make a BIM Designer somewhere very happy at the end of the event...

Work on the site and the detailed design brief are progressing rapidly and full details will become available on the site over the next two weeks.

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May 15, 2008

Build London Live

Asite is working with AEC3, CADVisual, and ONUMA to organise a London BIMStorm event June 24-25 to coincide with the 2nd London BuildingSmart International conference at the RIBA.

The website for BUILD LONDON LIVE was launched last week. You can register online (participation is free and includes free access to the collaborative systems) and there is a mini-blog for the event on the website as well.

Please get involved either as a designer/participant or as an observer!

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May 14, 2008

Chartered Institute of Building Innovation and Research Panel

I attended a meeting of the CIOB Innovation and Research Panel today at the CIOB headquarters in Ascot. On the way there I got to drive past Ascot Racecourse - the reconstruction of which was delivered in 2006 using Asite as the collaborative platform - so is not only a beautiful structure but one I take some small personal pride in.

The panel is the body within the CIOB charged with focusing research and development activity across the building industry and advising the UK and European government funding policies and strategies for construction. There is a cross section of contractor, consultant, and academic representation in the group and Asite has been asked to bring the perspective of collaborative working and of technology to the fray.

The meeting held my interest well despite being close to 5 hours long (which is saying something and is testament to the engagement levels of those in the room!). There was of course the enticement of getting an advance peek at the award winners for this years CIOB Innovation and Research Awards (which I shall not divulge!).. The Awards dinner is tonight (as I type these words) and so the info shall become public knowledge shortly in any case.

Of course in my recently acquired status as the father of an infant daughter I was required back at home rather than in evening attire at an awards dinner. Trade-offs must be made!

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I was unable to attend today's quarterly NCCTP Steering Committee meeting, which was a facilitated session run by Constructing Excellence with the goal of determining the "way forward" for the organisation and how we as a segment of the construction industry can best position ourselves to maximise our contribution to moving the industry forward. I did however get my input into the mix ahead of the meeting and I look forward to finding out what conclusions were reached.
I can see from Paul Wilkinson's twitter feed that the technical standard has survived (in what form we shall see) and that a new marketing effort has been agreed. We shall find out more in due course...

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Loughborough University

I had the pleasure last Thursday of delivering a lecture to about 60 students in two Masters Programmes in the Department of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough University in the Midlands. They were about 10 MSc Construction Management students and the rest third year students in the MEng Civil Engineering programme.

I spoke to them about the Egan Agenda and how it has and has not changed the industry over the last 10 years - and how collaborative working and collaboration technologies have helped to enable partnering in the construction industry. I do these kinds of lectures fairly often - as the "construction technology" company launched by Sir John to help push the Rethinking Construction agenda Asite gets these requests on a regular basis - and inevitably I end up spending a large part of my talk (two hours in this case!) speaking about contract forms and all the different ways in which companies in the industry contract with each other. I do enjoy seeing some of the keener students twig when they look at these contract forms and the relationships through the supply chain from the raw perspective of a "selling off of risk" - and start to think about the subbie to subbie to subbie (ad nauseum) relationships in that way rather than in the more touchy-feely ways which are the public face of construction contract forms.

I have yet to encounter a Masters programme student in a construction-related field who has heard of "partnering" or "collaborative" forms of contracts, so clearly there is much work to be done on pushing those into the mainstream. Turns out that the lecture was very timely as I got to the office the next day to the weekly edition of Building magazine in which the cover article was "THE PROPHET WE LOST - Who cares about Rethinking Construction now?" - about where the Egan Agenda has got to over the 10 years since the Rethinking Construction report was delivered to government. See a precis from the editor of Building here.

Of course it would not be a group of 60 university students on a Thursday morning if we didn't have one or two nodding off! I was of course in university once and so have sympathy with the poor souls stuck listening to me...

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