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June 21, 2008

National Platform part 2

I might add that we are making inroads towards addressing the other two as well:

  • Mass Adoption and Application of Off-Site Manufacturing, Automation & Mechanisation Processes and Systems
  • Well Trained, Well Qualified Workforce able to use the Latest, Best Practice Technologies

The tools that enable virtual design and link the model to the systems down the supply chain within the suppliers and manufacturer base - will be key to integrating off-site manufacturing and just-in-time materials supply into the industry.

And, of course, I hope that one positive output from Build London Live is bound to be an overall increase in awareness of tools and best practices for BIM - and that this will be at least a small contribution to the overall qualification of the workforce.

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BLL - National Platform for the Built Environment

Jeff Wix has sent me a mail noting the following--

48 hours of Action Oriented Progress
In the 'ICT and Automation (ICTA) Scoping Study Report' published by Constructing Excellence for the National Platform for the Built Environment, five key research topics have been identified for the 'ICT and Automation' priority area to achieve the industry's long-term vision of itself. Three of these key topics are being directly addressed in Build London Live.

They are:

  • Collaborative Prototyping to Define and Deliver Client Requirements
  • Efficient, Seamless Sharing of Information Across the Built Environment Stakeholders
  • Ability to Interact with Real-Time Information Regardless of Physical Location or Timezone

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June 18, 2008

Link Entry

This is little more than a redirect (!) - but Build London Live is progressing apace. If you are interested but have not gotten involved then please do so by registering online..

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June 3, 2008

Build London Live - Site Context and Design Brief

All of the preliminary info about the site on Greenwich Peninsula is now available online including a Google Maps interface, a Google Earth interface using the newly available Google Earth browser plugin, and an excellent video that shows the site context in some detail.

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