FC Asite Results 2009 - Twelve Straight Quarters of Growth  

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Asite Results 2009 - Twelve Straight Quarters of Growth

Whew, it got a bit personal yesterday over there on the BIW blog in response to my previous post.

That aside, Paul Wilkinson did raise some queries about the Asite results for 2009, which I am more than happy to be able to answer by pointing to a trading statement released this morning which shows a profit for the year of £0.256M on double-digit revenue growth.

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Hi, Nathan.
Sorry if it got a bit personal. Wasn't intended to be. I was just trying to give a bit of perspective as someone now outside the vendors.

And while we're on the subject, extranetevolution.com is not "the BIW blog". It was (and is) a personal project started after I wrote my book on the construction collaboration technology sector. It has always been independent of BIW; I have always paid my own blog expenses, and - in any event - I ceased BIW employment almost a year ago.

Best wishes - Paul

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