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My name is Nathan Roy Doughty. I am the CTO at Asite Plc. Asite develops collaboration and integration software for supply chains and we are based in London in the United Kingdom with a big presence in Ahmedabad, India. We are listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. Our ticker symbol is ASE.

There is another Nathan Doughty who often pops up on Google, as he is the mayor of Middle Township in New Jersey. That is not me. There is also a website for Nathans and I am listed there.

I am an American (well, Texan really) who moved to the UK in 2000 (when Clinton was still President!) and have been working in this software space since I arrived, at Asite and a company called Citadon before that. Most of the clients we have worked with over that time have been in the Construction, Engineering, and Property sectors. Before that I worked at KPMG Consulting doing the same thing, and before that at a variety of dot-com-boom startups in New York City, Boston, and Paris.

I have had a website since 1994 when I was in school at Rice University. Since then I have gone through phases of off-and-on publishing and in 2001 I started using blogger, again off-and-on. For now I have shelved all of my archives and resolved to start anew and focus on the kind of software we write and the industry we work in. This is in response to what I see as the huge amount of energy at the moment within business and around the internet pushing for progress in collaborative working.

Plumb the depths of the web for me:

LinkedIn (I am a big fan of this site - requires free registration)
Zoominfo (my old friend, Ken, is a software engineer here)

I am a big fan of chess, and once had the honour of being crushed resoundingly by Deep Blue "Junior" only six weeks prior to it's big brother, Deep Blue, creating histroy by defeating Garry Kasparov. I also love to sail, and in 2002 did my RYA Yachtmaster Ocean qualification at this school on the South Coast of England, immediately after which I had the immense joy of sailing across the Atlantic from Bordeaux to Annapolis, Maryland on a 46-foot Catamaran.

And finally, please note that this blog contains absolutely no forward looking statements about Asite Plc - for all insight into our business performance, please refer to our regularly scheduled filings at the LSE.

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